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weldcap ADF Welding Helmet


weldcap ADF Welding Helmet


The new optrel weldcap combines the lightweight wear comfort of a baseball cap with the full protection of an autodarkening welding helmet. weldcap is soft where it needs to be comfortable, rigid where it needs to be tough — combined with an extensive field of view that expands a welder’s line of sight by 2.7 times.

Welding has never been so comfortable.

Revolutionary Wear Comfort – weldcap’s lightweight, flame-retardant textile is soft where it must be comfortable and its robust plastic is rigid where it must be tough, while meeting the ANSI Z87.1+ standard for impact resistance. Its sleek, flexible design enables users to access confined spaces without hindrance.

Lightweight Design – weldcap weighs less than 14 ounces and is lighter than most traditional welding helmets. Its snug baseball cap fit and a lens placed closer to the eyes allows weldcap to sit more comfortably on a welder’s head. This improves its overall stability and balance, eliminating unnecessary pressure and neck strain.

Extensive Field of View – At the heart of its technical innovation is weldcap’s optical unit, which features a well-defined nose cut out that places the lens closer to the eyes, enlarging the welder’s line of sight by 2.7 times. This increases the lateral and horizontal fields of view, improving welders’ overall performance and safety.

Swift Handling – weldcap stands for swift handling. Thanks to its baseball cap-inspired design, it can be taken on and off very quickly. weldcap easily attaches to the welder’s belt with the optrel parking buddy, improving its accessibility to the welder.

Variable Shade Levels – weldcap darkens from levels DIN 3/9—12, covering the majority of welding applications.

Grind Mode – With a shade level DIN 3 in its general mode, welders have a bright and well-lit view of their work space, making weldcap ideal for grinding jobs.

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Shade Levels


Adaptive Shade Autopilot


Infinite Shade Level Adjustment


Sensitivity Control


Opening Delay


# Sensors


High Definition Viewing


Optical Class


True Color Filter


Helmet Weight

14 oz.

Twilight ADF Technology


e3000 Compatible


Overhead Welding


Grind Mode

Yes – DIN 3

Switching Time / Light to Dark

0.16ms at room temperature, 0.110ms at 131F

Switching Time / Dark to Light



Solar Cells and 2 CR2032 Batteries (approx. 1,000 hours)


2 Years

Welding Applications

All electric arc welding processes, Electrode welding (Stick Welding, SMAW), MIG, MAG, GMAW, GMAW, High Melting Rate Process, Flux Cored Wire Welding/TIG Welding GTAW, Plasma Arc Welding, Micro Plasma Arc Welding, and Plasmacutting & Oxy-Gas. Prohibited for laser and gas welding!